Kinshasa Cocktail

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Something of a celebrity on the Rome drink scene, Fircy Manima Samba is the person to see for a cocktail when enjoying a night out in the Italian capital.

From trendy cocktail bars to hip nightclubs, by now Fircy has developed such a reputation that cocktail enthusiasts from all over the city will actually seek him out. “I like meeting people through this line of work. We come into contact with people from all over the world.” Beyond the classic cocktail menu, Fircy also serves up a series of original concoctions.

His speciality is the “Kinshasa,” a ginger-and-gin drink with just the right amount of celery. “I’ve never liked working with syrups. I prefer using fresh vegetables and fruits, which add freshness.”

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Serves 1


45 ml gin
30 ml lime juice
30 ml sugar
1 stalk of celery
1 small piece of ginger
Crushed ice


Dice up the celery.

In a shaker, mix up the chopped celery, sugar, and lime juice.

Crush the ginger with a pestle and add it to the shaker along with the gin, then the ice.

Shake everything vigorously for a few seconds, then serve in a glass.

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