The 5th issue of MOYI is coming soon…

After a hiatus from publishing, MOYI is coming back soon… in May 2020.

The first issue of MOYI in the WHSmith bookshop, in Paris

We know that you all expect a certain quality from our publications, and we couldn’t have provided that within the timeframe that was available. Independent publishing revolves around small teams whose members mostly have side jobs; unfortunately as months went by, our personal and professional obligations didn’t allow us to work as much as usual on these issues. Thankfully, we have re-organized and here we are back to work.

The upcoming issue was supposed to be published in March 2020 as a quarterly, but because of the effects of the current COVID19 pandemic, we have finally decided to publish only two issues this year: the spring/summer issue in May, and the fall/winter issue in November.

By the end of 2020, we will then update you on how we will organize the future issues as we assess the consequences of this current crisis.

Thank you once again, and in advance, for your understanding, trust and support.

The MOYI team

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