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The New Bohemian Home of Justina Blakeney

Home is a feeling. For centuries, designers all over the world have worked to quantify it –  to understand and explain to others exactly what it is that turns an ordinary space into the only place we want to be. Some people call it warmth; some call it flow; and for others it’s just good vibes. And whether your approach to creating it is Scandinavian hygge, Chinese feng shui or southern comfort, the goal is always the same.

Blogger, author and designer Justina Blakeney knows all about decorating with feeling. As the founder of and author of the New York Times bestseller, The New Bohemians, Blakeney is a go-to resource for decorating advice of all kinds. Her latest release, The New Bohemians Handbook inspires us to look past the nuts and bolts of design to create spaces filled with positive energy. Visiting the author’s home in the scenic Silver Lake area of Los Angeles is like walking through the pages of her book – full of breathtaking moments, daring design, and good feelings straight from the designer herself.

“There is a deep connection between home decor and well-being.” These words are the cornerstone of Justina’s design philosophy and the starting point of the decor in her home.

by Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason (Aphrochic)

The full article is available in the 4th issue of MOYI.