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How to Decorate a Functional Kids Room with Personality and Style

Decorating the perfect kid’s bedroom is all about harmoniously bringing together fun, practicality, style and personality. And with the proper planning can be a great project for all the family to get involved in to create a unique space for your child. But with many options available it can be difficult to know where to start. To help Moyi called upon London-based interior designer Enass Mahmoud to get her tips for decorating a stylish and functional kids bedroom.

Enass started her interior design studio Decor By Enass three and a half years ago and embraces colour, pattern, and print in her designs. These three elements lend themselves perfectly to decorating a kids’ bedroom. For Enass decorating a room is all about embracing the space and infusing it with the personality of the owner and their aspirations for the space. So as a starting point Enass recommends asking yourself: How will the space be used? With a child’s room the first and most important thing is to identify if the child is going to grow up in that room for a long period of time, will you move house in the future, or will the child move to another room as they grow? Knowing this before you begin the decorating process will assist you in finding the right design solution for the room.

by Tapiwa Matsinde

The full article is available in the 6th issue of MOYI.