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Delphine Diallo: A Photographer’s Sacred Sanctuary

A quest to find fulfilment and purpose in her life and work led French-Senegalese photographer Delphine Diallo to New York City. Until then, Delphine had been working as a special effects motion artist, video editor, and graphic designer in the French music industry, but she felt her personal and professional growth was limited in France. In New York, Delphine found herself copying and pasting the same career story; however, it was clear her soul was yearning for something more. It was a trip home to Paris that placed her on the path toward finding the answers she had been seeking. While attending a prestigious charity event there, Delphine found herself seated next to the renowned photographer Peter Beard. Recognizing in Delphine a kindred spirit, the two immediately hit it off. 

That initial meeting turned into an invitation to travel with Peter to Botswana as his creative assistant on the Pirelli Calendar photoshoot. The experience transformed Delphine’s life and gave her a new mentor. Watching this master at work, Delphine could see in Peter the dream she wanted to achieve for herself. After returning to the US, Delphine made some momentous decisions in her personal and professional life that enabled her to concentrate on developing her own photography craft. By the end of 2011, Delphine was already earning a living from her passion.

by Tapiwa Matsinde

The full article is available in the 6th issue of MOYI.