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A Model Purpose: At Home With Model and Black Girl Beautiful Founder, Nikia Phoenix

“The archways and curves are so feminine,” says Nikia Phoenix, pointing to the unique architectural details in her apartment. The building is located along a residential street in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. Built in the 1920s, the building boasts architecture reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. For Nikia, who originally grew up in South Carolina, and, for a short stint, lived in New York, her light-filled home is a sanctuary where her naturally comfortable style reigns. “Everything about this space envelops you with warmth and happiness,” she remarks. 

The view from her appropriately wide front window is framed by the blooms of wild bougainvillea vines that climb the exterior of the building from the lawn to the second floor. Past the large, ornate doors which mark the entrance to the building, the plant makes it way up the juliette balcony, adding a dose of hot pink to the living room decor. Inside, the space is the perfect sanctuary for the model who is working hard to build her own brand, and knows what she needs to have in her environment. “I like my home to be full of light and comfort,” she explains. “Lots of windows and calming colors create the sanctuary I need.”

Written and Produced by Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason (Aphrochic) for MOYI

The full article is available in the 4th issue of MOYI.