New York through its creatives (part 1)

There is a connection between the artist and the place where she or he decides to create. Nowhere is that more true than New York. Giving birth to generations of creative masterpieces, the city’s relationship with artists of all kinds is nothing short of legendary. From DuBois and Hughes, Hurston and Locke, Douglas, Jones, Bearden and all of the luminaries of Harlem in the 1920s, to the burgeoning movement of artisans that is Brooklyn in the 21st century, artists have always found a special place within the city’s five boroughs, and from it has come a unique view of life in the city. From the best place for a cafe latte to the most hidden, out-of-the-way places for a quite respite, painters, photographers, sculptors, illustrators and more, have always found that special place that helps nurture their visions while they work to bring them to life against the backdrop of a city that never truly sleeps. We sat down with four artists who are living in New York neighborhoods where the local arts community thrives. Through their eyes, we see their neighborhoods, the culture of the city, and the best places to visit for when taking New York City in through the eyes of an artist.

The artists appearing in this feature are: Jerome Lagarrigue, Fabiola Jean-Louis, Jas Knight and Nicholle Kobi.

Written by Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason (Aphrochic) for MOYI