Didi Stone Olomide — Art and Style


© Laurence Laborie

Influencer, international model, student of fashion business in Paris—at just 21 years old, Didi Stone Olomide is the industry’s latest it-girl. Her style—highly personal, edgy, a calculated blend of French elegance and Congolese style—was inherited from her father, Rumba star Koffi Olomide. And it’s been garnering plenty of attention, with the young star even being featured in Vogue magazine. This summer, L’Oréal Paris, one of the biggest brands in cosmetics, announced Didi as their new beauty ambassador. It is no wonder Moyi chose to dedicate this issue’s cover to her. She has definitely earned the spot. 

How would you define style and elegance?

It is, above all, a state of mind: knowing how to demonstrate good taste, distinction, and how to embody excellence. To be elegant is to be aware of your own worth and to show respect for yourself and others. 

Tell us about your favorite outfit…

I like to feel at ease. I prefer oversized silhouettes because I feel my best in loose and comfortable clothes. That’s why I love the boyish style: baggy jeans, an oversized Balenciaga sweater, sneakers, etc. It’s a look that is unjustly overlooked but it suits me well. 

… (The full article is available in the 6th issue of MOYI)

Interview by Françoise Diboussi