Meeting the African fellow artists in the Villa Medici

Serving as headquarters for the French Academy in Rome (founded in 1666 by Louis XIV), the Villa Medici has been welcoming artists-in-residence since 1803. 

Perched atop the Pincian Hill, the 16th-century Renaisance-style palace overlooks the Eternal City. This institution, nestled on seventeen acres of greenery, has housed many illustrious residents including Berlioz, Ingres, Fragonard, and Balthus, in addition to many other lesser-known artists. 

MOYI recently met three talented African artists who had the opportunity of living and working at the Villa Medici in recent years: Moussa Sarr (Resident Fellow at Villa Medici, 2017-2018), Sammy Baloji (2019-2020) and Georges Senga (2020-2021).

by Gwennaëlle Gribaumont

The full article is available in the 6th issue of MOYI.