Sitting pretty

Chaises de la collection Wax Going On par Sandrine Alouf.

Chairs of the Wax Going On collection by Sandrine Alouf.

Made by craftsmen in Portugal, these quite simple chairs in pine plywood (a material with golden and marbled texture) are livened up by a touch of wax. The design is signed Sandrine Alouf, a Belgo-Lebanese creator who considers herself as an « atmospherist » – a neologism that she created to define her talent for transforming some place into a sensory and emotional environment. Her savoir-faire : designing storytelling spaces.
To create this line called Wax Going On, Sandrine was inspired by her childhood in Matonge, the African district of Brussels. Now on sale in the BHV Marais (Paris), the collection is also available on the Made In Design website, for 350 € each. We love this !

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