The Table

In the kitchen with… Abrham Girma, owner of Toukoul

“In Ethiopia, meals are a celebration.”
One of the first ways you can learn about another country is through its cuisine. You don’t even have to travel to get a taste.

At Toukoul in Brussels, you’ll swear you’ve left Belgium far behind. During the course of your meal, the restaurant, which is decked out in traditional decor, will whisk you away to Ethiopia, the cradle of humanity and a country that also happens to have an incredibly varied culinary tradition. Treat yourself to a spicy and deliciously flavored journey.

Abrham Girma, the restaurant’s owner, grew up in Addis Ababa. There, his mother taught him about his heritage: Ethiopian cuisine. He initially began cooking out of necessity after his mother became hospitalized. However, he soon developed a passion for traditional cuisine. The young man cultivated his talent in a bar-restaurant in the capital until he turned nineteen. He then left Africa, first for Germany and then Brussels. While working over the stove, the chef spoke with us about his expertise. “I love seeing how happy people are when they taste new flavors and watching their faces light up. It’s such a source of joy for me, and it’s what gives meaning to my work. Making money isn’t the most important thing”

by Gwennaëlle Gribaumont

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