MUSIC – Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin, Jarring Effects

Led by the iconic singer and instrumentalist Gladys Samba, the group of the “Mothers of Congo” sings to emancipate the African woman. Together, they revisit the Bantu lullabies of the Congo. Those which tell the story of the people and reassure children. As instruments, these mothers use pestles, pots, forks and any other utensils that recall their grueling daily life and give rhythm to the day. We absolutely crush on their latest project: it is an album born from the unique encounter between the five voices of the collective and the electronic sounds of producer and beatmaker Rrobin. The result is really unique, an hybrid project that mixes traditional sounds and more current sounds. The soothing songs convey a lot of tenderness and sweetness, presented in a daring way for an undoubtedly successful result.

Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin, Jarring Effects, 2020

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