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A promenade of colors at Marie-Cécile’s


Marie-Cécile lives among works of art, creations from her family’s impressive private collection or received through exchanges with museums from around the world. This home-art gallery is also enjoyed by her many guests, including family, friends, and colleagues, who regularly stay here.


To balance out the profusion of colorful, patterned fabrics adorning her home, Marie‑C.cile chose a minimalist style to fill the space, perfect for showcasing her works of art and artisanal pieces. They come from all over, from Japan to Cameroon, from Brazil to Argentina to Senegal, the list goes on. All of these pieces evoke the idea of a journey, a meeting, a story. Our hostess considers the style to be “African universal”, a mix of references to her continent and various other influences: “It’s a very African style, but one that can be adapted to any place,” she says.

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