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Jnane Tamsna, a hidden haven

A true Garden of Eden in the heart of the palm garden and just a few kilometers from the Red City, the Jnane Tamsna guest house, with its yellow façade, has more than a touch of the Mexican hacienda about it. Its owners, the inveterate globe trotters Meryanne and Gary, have set down their suitcases there and infused it with their taste for travel. This exotic and eclectic place contains a mixture of objects sourced from all four corners of the globe and African furniture. Meryanne, a citizen of the world with Senegalese-West Indian roots, is responsible for the decor.

For more, read our launch issue, Fall 2016.


Douar Abiad, Palmeraie
40000, Marrakech
Tél. +212(0)5243-28484