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Boschendal Wine Estate

With the bright lights of Cape Town some 40 minutes behind us, we turn into the long oak-lined driveway of Boschendal Wine Estate and find the Manor house (one of the finest examples of Cape Dutch architecture in the country) firmly within our gaze. Without thinking, my husband quotes a line from Walt Whitman’s Song of the Open Road, out loud: ‘These are the days that must happen to you.’ It’s a reaction both to the time it has taken us to carve out some time for ourselves and a reminder to revel in the immediate sense of well-being –  happiness even –  that envelops us in such a wondrous setting.

For our arrival at this, one of South Africa’s oldest and much-loved wine estates, is like a portal to another world. One where ancient oaks and verdant vegetable gardens give clues to the fertility of the land just as the vineyards that stretch out for as far as the eye can see attest to a French viticulture heritage dating back to 1688. While the farm today comprises some 2 000 hectares it’s made up of a collection of working farms and historical buildings that hum with the hard-earned spirit and vision of those families who lived and worked here for generations – and in so doing, created what is here today.

Written by Kerryn Fischer

The complete text appears in the 7th issue of MOYI.