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At home with stationary diva Kalyn Johnson Chandler

Living in Tribeca, stationery diva, KALYN JOHNSON CHANDLER, has an enviable home office that supports her creative workflow.

For millions of small business people around the world, home is more than a place to lay your head. It’s a base of operations; a place that has to be equal parts work and life with everything needed to maintain that balance built in. “Like lots of entrepreneurs, I run my business from the comfort of my home,” says Kalyn Johnson Chandler, founder and creative director of the stationery brand, Effie’s Paper: Stationery & Whatnot ( “My commute is very short and I have the flexibility to set my schedule and manage my life and family.” And Kalyn manages all of the aspects of work and life from her home in Tribeca, one of New York’s most desirable neighborhoods, known for its classic architecture and intimate city streets. Step off the elevator and into her beautiful living room and you enter a space filled with light, color, and a world of paper goods.

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