Yeba Olayé, ​following a dream

Yeba is a brand-new line of chic “business bags” which bears the name of its founder.

This designer, who now calls Brussels home, long dreamed of launching her own line before finally making the leap. It would seem that Yeba Olayé’s parents were quite on-point when they decided to give their baby girl the name of a Beninese queen, a name that means “she who is born to accept her destiny.”

The daughter of a diplomat, young Yeba arrived in Belgium when she was only 5 years old. Later, with an engineering degree under her belt, she began working as a business strategy and finance consultant. Then, at 34, after the birth of her second son, she realized that something was missing from her life. (…)

by Francesca Caseri

The full article is available in the 2nd issue of MOYI.