Imane Ayissi, at the height of fashion

At age 50, Imane Ayissi became the first Black African to join the ranks of the exclusive inner circle that is Parisian Haute Couture. A belated inclusion, but well-deserved after having spent nearly three decades climbing up the fashion ranks. A multifaceted artist (dancer, model, storyteller, and designer), fiercely meticulous, lover of luxury fabrics, Imane Ayissi has always put the African continent on display in his work. Elated and honored by his new status, by no means does he now intend to rest on his laurels. Recently, Ayissi chatted with MOYI about his future plans, current projects, and the challenges specific to these times.   

By Lize Moudouthe

The full article is available in the 6th issue of MOYI.