Bamako through its artists

The intro to the Bamako feature in the first issue of MOYI

Despite the conflicts ravaging it, Bamako, the “city of crocodiles” flanked on both sides by the River Niger, remains a major capital open to the outside world. Bridging preserved tradition and modern-day life, its cultural features reflect Mali’s entire spectrum of diversity. A guided visit.

In fact, Bamako’s local and foreign culture represents a tool for continual development; textile creation, music and dance, literature, design and contemporary art, led by the likes of Cheick Diallo, Inna Modja, Amadou Sanogo and the late Malick Sidibé, reveal a hive of healthy activity to the world, yet all the while retaining its authentic African features.

This features includes interviews with: the late Malick Sidibé, Inna Modja, Cheick Diallo, Amadou Sanogo, as well as a tour of the Bamako Encounters Photography Biennal (Rencontres de Bamako).

By Gwennaëlle Gribaumont

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